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Water safety is an important part of the program. Early on, children are taught to “roll over and float.” This is a necessary skill in case of a water emergency.


“Roll over and float” will be reviewed at every lesson. While our students receive only the highest quality instruction, it’s important to remember that no child is ever water-safe unless supervised by an adult at the water's edge.

Be Safe

As parents, we want our children to be happy, healthy, finding hobbies, sports, and activites that they will love for life. We also want them to be safer in and around water, as drowning takes the lives of many around the world every year.

Lifetime Skill

At Canyon Aqualife Swimming, we realize swimming isn't going to be every child's sport of choice, but we firmly believe that EVERY child needs to learn basic water safety and swim skills at an early age.


Swimming lessons can’t prevent all of the drowning deaths, but they can prevent a lot of them. A child doesn’t need to be able to swim butterfly or do flip turns, but the ability to get back to the surface, float, tread water, and swim to where they can stand or grab onto something can save a life.


Just because a child can swim doesn’t mean they can’t drown but learning the proper techniques can save lives.


Not knowing how to swim is the most common cause of drowning. Don't become a statistic, learn to swim and save your life.

Children 0-9 account for 79% of drowning-related cases

62% of drownings occur in the summer

320,000 annual deaths worldwide

Accounts for 7% of all injury-related deaths

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