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Learn a skill that lasts a lifetime.

We teach more than just swimming!

It's never to late to learn how to swim!

Don't just be a spectator, take the plunge & learn-to-swim with confidence!

All non-swimmers who would like to learn how to swim just one stroke with proper techniques from the Program Director in a private adult group - you now have the opportunity to learn, without feeling embarrassment or fear.

There is nothing embarrassing about learning a new skill at any age and accepting the challenge to learn to swim is something that should be praised. Learning to swim as an adult can be challenging and intimidating but acquiring life-saving swim abilities through adult swim lessons is priceless.

Drowning is preventable and knowing the ability to save oneself in water is something absolutely everyone should know. Knowing how to swim can be the difference between life and death in water.

Health Benefits

Swimming the right way will elicit gains else you will endure pain rather than enjoying a swim, because 50% more oxygen is used which leads to exhaustion in your back, neck, knees and shoulders. Don’t drag yourself through the water.

Swimming is also a fantastic cardiovascular workout as water offers a low impact workout that’s also great for people with heart conditions and joint pain. Swimming improves health for people with diabetes and other chronic illness. Swimming works out almost every muscle!

Fun, Fitness and Safety

An obvious reason for learning how to swim is to acquire the ability to survive in water. At one time or another, you are bound to find yourself in or near water - whether you are on a cruise, boating trip, fishing or lounging by a hotel pool. Enjoy beaches, lakes and all other water-related recreation! Exciting activities such as surfing, water skiing, and jet skiing are a suitable way to be social with friends but difficult to enjoy without knowing how to swim.

Many adults may already know how to swim but is the technique proper? If you are splashing water and getting to other end, then you probably don’t have the fundamentals of swimming right. Many do not swim well enough to enjoy water for recreation or for fitness. Bad stroke technique can be counterproductive and even dangerous. Adult swim lessons can help improve your stroke development and remove the risk of drowning. The focus is not on going further and/or faster, rather on improving technique.

You will be healthier and happier by engaging in swimming. Learn to swim and see for yourself what you have missed for so long! The benefits are immense, as you learn to experience safety coupled with health. Knowing how to swim could save your life and you might even have a chance of saving someone close to you.

You can overcome fear with your confidence.

We invite you to try our adult lessons.

Please enquire by calling: (780) 250-2550



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