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Our Program Director

Coach Nathan

Coach Nathan Soman is an accomplished swimmer who started swimming at the age of three and has won many competitions in all strokes, including reaching the nationals twice. He started his coaching career in 1984 and taught learners of all ages.

Coach Nathan is licensed as the Program Director of 'SwimAmerica' program after receiving his training and certification for this program in the United States. He has a knack for making each swimmer feel relaxed in the water and that they can learn while easing their fears. He strongly believes that learning to swim can save lives and his number one priority is safety.

Coach Nathan currently holds membership with:

  • World Swimming Coaches Association (WSCA)

  • Canadian Swimming Coaches Association (CSCA)

  • Coach/Member of USA Swimming

  • Coach/Member of American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA) with Level 3 certification

  • ASCTA Swim Australia (Australian Swimming Coaches & Teachers Association)


  • American and Canadian CPR/AED certifications.

  • Community Sports Coach program with Swim Alberta


Coach Nathan undertook an adaptive swimming event for a group of 24 children with special needs by partnering with Children's Autism Services of Edmonton in 2020. Participation in adaptive swimming lessons promotes growth for individuals on the spectrum in many areas including skill development, social skills and confidence.

He is also registered to volunteer his time with the Canadian National Institute for the Blind to empower Canadians with vision impairments.

Our Perspective

Coach smiling with children

Canyon Aqualife Swimming is a club that values open communication with all. We provide a structured, developmental approach to swimming. We encourage and challenge each swimmer to move towards their own goals and aspirations.


We believe that no dream is too big to chase, and hard work can yield exceptional results.


We sacrificed our financial security for societal contribution and took the greatest risk of our life in implementing a swim program because it is a very structured and disciplined program.


  • Provide an opportunity for all to learn while having fun

  • Develop athletes to reach their fullest potential

  • Provide a safe aquatic environment

  • Encourage and empower young people to be champions in and out of water for a lifetime


Our mission is to be recognized as a club with a quality aquatic program for learners of all ages, with high technical standards as well as supporting swimmers aspiring to compete.


  • Teach sportsmanship and pursue excellence in aquatic sport

  • Promote water safety, health and a positive and enjoyable environment

  • Operate with respect and integrity in a professional manner

Who are we?


Canyon Aqualife Swimming has brought "SwimAmerica," a licensed learn-to-swim program to Edmonton, AB, in 2017, a first in Canada. SwimAmerica is the finest program around the world, and is a state-of-the-art program that has existed since 1988. It's a program prepared by coaches who once owned the podium. This program is goal-driven because each station serves to motivate the student to achieve beyond their own immediate expectations and skills, and technique-oriented because proper techniques of swimming (breathing, body position, movement of the limbs, and timing) have been established.


This program exists for 3 reasons: 

1. Safety: The ability to swim is the most important safety skill of all.

2. Fitness and Health: Swimming has long been recognized as the most complete form of exercise, developing cardiovascular, skeletal and neuromuscular fitness.

3. Opportunity and Fun: Learning to swim means acquiring a skill level which permits a wide variety of recreational (boating, water skiing, surfing, sailing, canoeing, fishing) and competitive aquatic activities (swim racing, long distance swimming, triathlons, springboard/platform diving, water polo, synchronized swimming and scuba diving).

Learning to swim is a lifesaving skill and can save lives.

Our Challenges

Coach helping girl float

We very strongly believe that knowing how to swim can save lives, and our swim program has structure. Despite having a world-class licensed swim program with national and international certifications, we are the underdogs who have to fight to gain pool space and struggle for recognition.


We cater to many diverse communities who are not accommodated by mainstream clubs or pools. We often face backlash as people mix politics with our program name even though all proceeds stay in Canada.

We will continue to teach kids and adults, and with your collaboration, we will teach water safety skills to all those who share the love for learning a skill that saves lives.

We thank our partners who reached out to us and we continuously look for partners to support us.

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