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Canyon Aqualife Swimming

Learn to swim program in Edmonton, AB

Empowering swimmers to reach their goals.
Learn: "Just the right way!"


Coach correcting freestyle arms

Sacrificing our today so that children can be safe tomorrow.

Welcome to our learn-to-swim program for all ages in Edmonton, AB! Swimming can save your life, and there is no greater gift than that. If you are looking to learn swimming in all the strokes, then we have the program for you.

Students start with Station 1: Bubbles, and finish with Station 10. Each station has a duration of 5 weeks.

We define "able to swim" as being capable of swimming 300 yards of freestyle with proper rotational breathing, 100 yards of backstroke and 100 yards of individual medley by the end of Station 10.
Upon your completion of our program, you can choose to join a competitive swim team where you will be coached for competitions and look to own the podium one day!

Coach teaching girtls to kick properly
SwimAmerica logo


SwimAmerica is the finest learn-to-swim program in the world today. It is a state-of-the-art program, brought to you by the same people who have produced the most successful sports team in the world.

It teaches beginners how to swim, as well as more experienced swimmers proper technique in the four competitive strokes: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. Its effective and logical teaching progression builds strong swimmers by introducing new skills, while constantly reviewing those previously mastered.

SwimAmerica is quality swimming lessons using a progression of skills taught over 10 stations. Every student progresses at their own rate, independent from other students. 

Water safety is the main reason for learning to swim. The SwimAmerica learn-to-swim program will give your child a safe start in life! 

SwimAmerica teaches the skills necessary for a lifetime of SAFETY, FUN, and FITNESS in the water! A certified staff member - utilizing state-of-the-art instructional techniques - will take your child through a progressive station program. Each station is designed to offer swimmers valuable and useful skills. Two aspects are emphasized in the SwimAmerica program: It is goal-driven and technique-oriented.


Our program is concerned with teaching proper stroke mechanics from the very beginning. Correcting errors is more difficult is far more difficult later in developmental progression. The Program Director, Site Supervisors, and Coaches emphasize correct swimming skills from the very first lesson and have been professionally trained to offer your child the latest in swimming techniques.


There are well-defined skills that are recognized at every step. In each of the 10 stations, swimmers are rewarded for their efforts ad accomplishments at every phase of the learn-to-swim progression which build their self-confidence.

Children receive special gold stickers to place on their certificates for each completed station, which clearly defines progress as they build swimming technique and ability. Parents appreciate knowing what children will be mastering at each level in the program.


Coach instructing adults

If you're an adult non-swimmer, but would like to learn to swim. we suggest you join our adult learn-to-swim classes - taught by our Program Director. You will get 15 classes, and fees vary with membership and duration.

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